Discover a diamond jeweller in Vancouver with the DaMincci Cut

The Sparkle is what has fascinated us most about diamonds over the years. What attracts us the most is the brilliancy, the intense fire & sparkle. This is achieved by having the perfect cut, the DaMincci Cut.

Simply our master Vancouver diamond cutter takes a rock out of the ground, which happens to be a rough diamond. We analyze it to see how we might cut it so it has maximum brilliancy (sparkle). It’s sad that 99% of all diamonds ever cut are cut to maximize weight, not beauty.

Over the years, gemologists & master diamond cutters have developed the ideal cut of proportioning a rough diamond into a perfectly symmetrical round diamond.

The Da Mincci Cut Diamond has 57 facets and is cut to precise proportions. Therefore it will appear it will appear larger and more brilliant than ordinary cut diamonds.

One look through a Da Mincci’s Hearts & Arrows scope and you will see the result of a perfectly proportioned diamond, A Circle of hearts and A Circle of Arrows. Once you see this in your diamond, it proves that the Da Mincci Cut Diamond is the world’s most perfectly proportioned diamond.

With every Da Mincci Cut Diamond you will receive a Da Mincci’s Hearts & Arrows scope. You will be able to identify your diamond immediately by viewing it through your personalized scope. Also, you will receive a certificate from an independent laboratory for the 4-C’s; Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. The diamond will be laser-inscribed on the girdle (middle edge of the stone) Da Mincci Cut.

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