PrinceCut® is the ideal emerald cut diamond

The aim of every diamond cutter is to make sure that a well cut diamond reflects the maximum amount of light. Each facet plays a clearly defined role, and is precisely positioned by skilled diamond cuters on the diamond to maximize a stone’s brilliance and avoid light leakage.

Therefore, the only way to determine the ideal number and arrangement of facets for a new diamond shape is through optical research. And the more facets a stone has, the longer this can take. The research and development division of Avi Paz Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of straight edged diamonds, worked exclusively on the PrinceCut® for more than three years to arrive at the arrangement of 111 facets found on each.

The end result, however, can truly be called “The Ideal Emerald Cut Diamond™,” because the PrinceCut® offers much higher levels of brilliance and scintillation than previously seen in Emerald-cut diamonds. In fact, analysis of the PrinceCut®’s light reflecting properties by the GemEx Systems Inc. gemological laboratory shows that it returns significantly more bright white light and colored light to an observer than a traditional Emerald cut. It also displays greater scintillation, the term used to describe the kaleidoscopic effect that is seen when a diamond moves in the light.

As the PrinceCut® offers the highest levels of brilliance, Avi Paz Group felt that its beauty best be appreciated in a collection of classics, timeless jewelry designs. Each piece is fashioned from white gold, platinum or a combination of these two precious metals, and features PrinceCut® diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.10ct to over 5.00ct. The collection includes not only classic solitaires, where virtually every part of the diamond can be seen and enjoyed, but also designs that make the most of the flexibility offered by the PrinceCut®’s straight edges. These include three-stone rings, wedding bands, and other styles where several diamonds are placed side by side.

Choosing Your PrinceCut®

All PrinceCut® diamonds are cut by Avi Paz Group to produce the maximum brilliance. The PrinceCut® is available in a wide range of carat sizes, colors and clarities. Your fine jewelry retailer can assist you with choosing the ideal diamond, and can help ensure your complete satisfaction.

Please note that PrinceCut® jewelry and diamonds are only available from authorized dealers and retailers.

All PrinceCut® jewelry and diamonds are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Only original PrinceCut® diamonds are given this certificate.

Traditional Emerald Cut PrinceCut®

White Light: (Commonly referred to as brilliance.)

The BrillianceScope™ Analyzer measures the percentage of the diamond returning bright white light to the observer.

Color Light: (Commonly referred to as fire.)

The BrillianceScope™ Analyzer measures the percentage of the diamond returning bright colored light to the observer.

Scintillation: (“The term used for changing colors, the radiance and sparkle of the rays when the stone ismoved or when the light source changes.” Diamond Grading ABC, Varena Pagel-Theisen.)

The BrillianceScope™ Analyzer measures the number of light points and determines how they change from position to position.

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